Fees & Pricing


Selling equipment through Waste Equipment Exchange just makes sense - FINANCIALLY!

1. A North American audience increases site activity and brings the right buyers to view your listing

2. Lower classified listing fees and auction commission rates

3. No transportation costs, or added preparation costs - your equipment is sold from your location

4. A Waste and Recycling industry focus that has your equipment being seen by the people in the industry, people that are actually interested in waste and recycling equipment - not stuck in a long list of other industrial equipment.  


Classified Ad: $150.00 CDN for a 120 day period for each item listed - additional features (bold, feature page etc) are available at an additional charge.  THERE ARE NO COMMISSION FEES ON CLASSIFIED ADS.

On-Line Auction Listing: For each piece of equipment a seller lists in the On-Line Auction the listing rate will be $125.00 CDN.  The listing rate will be deducted from the final selling price upon completion of the sale.  If after 3 listings, the item is not sold, the seller will be invoiced the initial listing rate of $125.00 CDN.

The listing fee for equipment located outside of Canada will be determined by Waste Equipment Exchange on a case-by-case basis.  Waste Equipment Exchange reserves the right to determine the exact listing fee for any piece of equipment on a case-by-case basis.

Commissions: For each piece of equipment or item sold in an On-Line Auction, Waste Equipment Exchange shall deduct from the payments made to the seller a commission fee ("Commission Fee") as set forth in the table below.  All commissions will be charged and shall be paid in CDN dollars.  The seller's commission will be deducted from the final selling price upon completion of the sale.

Final Selling Price                 Commission

Under $5,000                                  12%

$5,001 to $20,000                            8%

$20,001 to $50,000                          7%

$50,001 to $500,000                         6%


Other Fees and Penalties

Title Transfer Fee: A fee of $25 will be charged on each unit or any part thereof that is capable of being or required to be registered, including but not limited on-road, off-road, or trailer title processing.  In the event of title errors or a lost title, the seller is responsible for all expenses related to providing the buyer a title that can be registered in their province. 

Owner Verification and Lien Search Fee: A fee of $35 will be assessed on each unit of equipment that a lien search is required to verify clear title and ownership to buyer.

A fee of $150 will be charged for each piece of equipment that requires processing of a lien balance to obtain a clear title.  These charges, as well as the lien balance will be deducted from the proceeds arising from the sale of the sellers equipment.

Removal Penalty Prior to Auction Close:  If for any reason not previously approved by Waste Equipment Exchange, the seller withdraws a piece of equipment listed in an auction on the Waste Equipment Exchange site after the time the of the equipment listing is accepted and before the auction closes, the seller agrees to pay Waste Equipment Exchange a removal fee ("Removal Penalty Prior to Auction Close") equivalent to the Listing Fee plus 25% of the greater of (i) the opening bid or (ii) the highest bid submitted on the equipment at the time the equipment is removed from the site. If for any reason, prior to the auction close, Waste Equipment Exchange removes a seller's equipment from an on-line auction in process, due to the seller's violation of the Auction Consignment Agreement, or any part the Terms and Conditions for use of the Waste Equipment Exchange site, the seller agrees to pay Waste Equipment Exchange the "Removal Prior to Auction Close" fee.

Unauthorized Equipment Use Penalty: If for any reason, the seller operates, leases, rents, modifies, uses or allows equipment listed in a Waste Equipment Exchange on-line auction to be altered at any point between the time the equipment listing is received and "Constructive Receipt" of the equipment by the buyer, the seller agrees to pay Waste Equipment Exchange a penalty fee equivalent to the Commission Fee of the final sale price as if the equipment were sold, as well as any unpaid Listing Fee ("Unauthorized Equipment Use Penalty).  In addition, if the equipment has been delivered to the buyer, the seller also will be responsible for any and all transportation and freight costs associated with the delivery of the equipment to the buyer's location and the removal of the equipment from the buyers location.  In either case, title and or ownership will not transfer to the buyer and the seller shall not receive any of the proceeds associated with the sale.

Post Auction Delay Penalty: If for any reason, after Waste Equipment Exchange has notified the seller of receipt of full payment from the buyer and at least one (1) business day after the close of an auction, the seller either does have the equipment in a "ready" condition for transport or delays the release of their equipment to the buyers scheduled common carrier or other buyer conveyance, the seller shall be responsible for full payment of any additional expenses incurred by the buyer and/or Waste Equipment Exchange due to the seller's delay ("Post Auction Delay Penalty).  These expenses include but are not limited to transportation cancellation or re-scheduling fees, transportation delay fees or waiting time, and hourly or daily average rental cost of equivalent replacement equipment for the buyer, including loading, unloading and transportation costs.  These additional expenses will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale after buyer acceptance, but prior to transferring auction proceeds to the seller.   

Seller Default Penalty: If for any reason, the seller fails to release equipment sold in a Waste Equipment On-line auction to the buyers scheduled common carrier or other buyer conveyance, or if the seller is incapable of releasing the equipment, the seller agrees to pay to Waste Equipment Exchange a default penalty("Seller Default Penalty") equivalent to 50% of the opening bid, as well as the Listing Fee and any costs incurred by the buyer and validated by Waste Equipment Exchange at their sole discretion.

Shill Bidding Penalty: If Waste Equipment Exchange determines that a seller or someone associated with the seller has bid on that sellers own item for the purpose of increasing the bid price ("Shill Bidding"), the seller will be charged the full "Seller Default Penalty".  The seller will be banned from future use of any Waste Equipment Exchange sites, and Waste Equipment Exchange will cancel the involved transaction.

Last updated on : 14/07/2010